Shanghai or “halve it” as the English call it has been around for ages and comes in many different forms but basically it’s the highest score wins game with a finite number of darts that can be thrown at various targets. If you hit your target you add the score to your existing score but if you miss the target you halve your existing score (hence the name halve it).

The name SHANGHAI comes in when say throwing at 16’s you hit a treble, a single and a double with your 3 darts. This is a SHANGHAI and in some formats of the game you’d automatically win but in our format, you’ll score an extra 100 point bonus so again if we use the example of the 16’s you’d score 48+16+32 = 96 for the 16’s PLUS 100 bonus for the shanghai for a total score for that throw of 196 (nice darts)

Our format is this:

Starting score = 40 points
Throw 1 – 13’s
Throw 2 – 14’s
Throw 3 – Doubles (hit any double you want. Hit the same one or hit different ones it’s your call)
Throw 4 – 15’s
Throw 5 – 16’s
Throw 6 – Trebles (hit any treble you want. Hit the same one or hit different ones it’s your call)
Throw 7 – 17’s
Throw 8 – 18’s
Throw 9 – 3 IN A BED (3 darts in any number. You can include any trebles of doubles hit of that number)
Throw 10 – 19’s
Throw 11 – 20’s
Throw 12 – Bull or Outer Bull (both count)


  • Just 3 darts at each target and score as much on that target as possible. The doubles and trebles of that number all count so fill your boots
  • If you miss, you halve your score. Round up to the nearest full number ie half of 133 = 67
  • Hitting a SHANGHAI earns a 100 point bonus. Each SHANGHAI bonus must be marked separately on your scorecard

Like golf, because we want everyone to have a fair chance of beating anyone (or losing to anyone) on any given night based on a nett score, SHANGHAI SHOOTOUT DARTS incorporates a handicapping system. CLICK HERE to see how it works:

Each week is a new and separate event so if you miss one or two because you’re away you’re not missing anything but a good night out. You will be required to register for the event prior to 7 pm. Late entries will not be accepted. Once all players have registered a draw will take place which determines which players are on which boards.

Each event will consist of:

  1. Maximum 5 players per board
  2. Each board/group will play a total of 6 games
  3. The call of “Game On” will be called by the official at 7.30 pm and the call of “Game Shot” will be called at 8.30 pm. Within this time all boards should have played 3 (three) complete games.
  4. Players now take a 15-minute break
  5. “Game On” will be called again at 8.45 pm and all boards will recommence before “Game Shot” is called again at 9.45 pm and again, a further 3 games should have been completed.
  6. You will record every score for each game for each player on a scorecard.
    1. One player will be the nominated scorer
    2. Each player will initial their score after each game
    3. Each player will initial their total 10 match score at the end of the night
    4. The scorecard will be handed to the event official.
  7. Officials will quickly record all scores and announce a winner and a second-place based on net scores.

Each group will choose a scorer for the night. They will be responsible for marking down the gross and net score for each player at the completion of each game. Note – the gross score is important as handicaps are calculated against a player’s gross scores.

Each player will be required to sign their total score at the end of the night before the scorer also signs and hands the card to the event officials.


Cash prizes will be awarded to the winner, second and third place. The value of the prizes will be dependent on the number of entries per night.

Shanghai Pot – all players who record a Shanghai during the night will go into a draw and one player will be drawn out to win a prize pack (not cash)

We will have a launch special of just $35 for your first 12 months of Shanghai Shootout Darts membership. Annual membership thereafter will be $49. Memberships are due by October 1st every year other than new members who joined in August or September of any year (you guys effectively get a 13 or 14-month membership)

Memberships are available online only. CLICK HERE to purchase.

Event fees are $10 and are paid cash on the night as you register.


Can men and women play and if so, is it a mixed competition? yes and yes. This is a social event where husbands can play with wives, girlfriends can play with boyfriends, etc (or not)

How are the players chosen for each board per event? firstly, you can create your own group/board if you want i.e get 4 mates plus yourself and there’s your group. If you do not have a group, we will draw groups for each event.

What is the minimum age for playing? given we are playing on licensed premises on mostly weeknights, we are restricting Shanghai Shootout Darts to 18 years and above. We will be considering dedicated youth events depending on feedback and demand.

Does it matter how good I am? not at all, this game is for all skill levels and the handicap system is there to help you. Through the draw system, you could end up playing with really great players but still have the opportunity to beat them.

I can’t play every event, is this OK? absolutely it’s OK, this is one of the main reasons we’ve created this competition. Each event is a separate event so whether you play them all or just some when you can, it doesn’t matter.

Where can I play? there will be a full list of venues available soon. Please CLICK HERE to go to our venues page








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