Like golf, because we want everyone to have a fair chance of beating anyone (or losing to anyone) on any given night based on a nett score, SHANGHAI SHOOTOUT DARTS incorporates a handicapping system. Here’s how it works:

We have determined that the par score for a game of our SHANGHAI is 601. This is based on three each of the numbers, 1 x double 16, 1 x treble 16, 3 x 20’s for 3 IN A BED and 1 x 25 for BULL OR OUTER BULL.

On becoming a member of SHANGHAI SHOOTOUT DARTS you’ll need to submit 10 games to determine your official handicap. These first 10 games can either be knocked off at a preseason handicapping event night or over a number of events (you will not be eligible for cash prizes until you have an official handicap)

Your official handicap is the average score of your 10 games minus the par of 601

This handicap is either added to or subtracted from each game you play in your next event to determine your NETT score. So for example if you averaged 532 for your first 10 games your handicap would be:

532 – 601 = – 69 (minus 69) so the next event you play you need to add 69 to each game to give you your nett score.

Your handicap may rise or fall as it will be recalculated after each event so your handicap will be based on the average score of every event you’ve played, not just the initial 10 games. As you get better your handicap will rise and if you get worse your handicap will fall. Opposite to golf, the best players will have high handicaps above zero (scratch) and other players will have low handicaps below zero. A good player with a handicap of say +125 (plus 125) will need to deduct their handicap from their score to determine their nett score.

How will I know my handicap week in week out?

All official handicap players (members) will have their handicaps recorded on this website on the Current Handicaps page.


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